Nubs 1.1

Organize windows and apps in desktop tabs


  • Save taskbar space
  • Organize windows in an improved way


  • Poorly documented
  • You can't tab maximized windows

Not bad

Nubs is one of those Windows applications that add Mac functions to the Microsoft operating system. In this case, Nubs replicates the desktop tab functionality provided by the Mac app Sticky Windows.

The aim behind Nubs is to save space on Windows taskbar by minimizing windows to side tabs, especially those that are opened at all times such as Outlook, your media player and others.

With Nubs running in the background, you'll be able to minimize opened windows and active apps to tabs located on the edges of your screen, either at the top, bottom, left or right sides. Tabs can be moved along the edge and also personalized with customizable skins.

The drawback to Nubs is mainly its poor documentation. The program fails to tell you how to have it up and running (simply move any window to the side of the screen until it gets "nubbed"). It doesn't explain either how to hide windows from the taskbar once they're tabbed (check the Settings menu for that option) because otherwise the purpose of the program would be totally pointless. One last thing I didn't like is the fact that you have to minimize windows before tabbing them.

With Nubs you can minimize active windows to desktop tabs and thus save space on the taskbar. However, the program lacks documentation and needs to improve its features.

While screen space is no longer the problem it used to be, organization has become a messy chore for a lot of users. What if there was an easy way to organize your running applications and windows, and put them out of the way when not in use? Get organized - use nubs to quickly and easily clean up your workspace and let you get back to focusing on what you want to do!

Nubs is an application for Windows similar to Sticky Windows (Mac OSX). Nubs is designed to maximize window management and organization with stylish and themeable tabs. It only takes a few seconds to leave, and is painless to use. Nubs isn't just for fancy, tabbed Windows. Nubs does what the Windows taskbar can't - Nubs makes use of your entire screen. More than one monitor? Not a problem for Nubs!

Nubs includes a default theme to get you started. Just one? Not to worry! Every version of Nubs ships with Sample Themes to tickle you visually. Themes are also easy to make and can be done so in a very short amount of time.

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